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Helping the financial services sector become creatively daring while tactically pragmatic.

The Australian economy’s biggest asset is it’s financial service industry, but while it has many strengths, it also operates in a high risk and heavily regulated enirontment. Financial services organisations don’t just have to deal with global volatility but also locally, the recent Hayne Royal Commission into financial into financial services industry in Australia.

Great Minds help banking and financial services organisations move pragmatically but quickly, to meet new customer, employee and industry demands while addressing complex regulatory mandates and threats.

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Tactical but pragmatic solutions, tailored for financial services

  • Change Management

    Managing change effectively is the foundation of competitive success, yet most organisations fail to do it well.

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  • Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is the catalyst and driver of a much broader business transformation, across talent, culture and operating models of a business.

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  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics

    Data is a strategic asset that can transform businesses and industries, yet most organisations are merely collecting data without understanding it.

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  • Business process improvement

    Go from sticky notes and spreadsheets to a 360-degree view of customers from the cloud. Track activities, social insights, key contacts, and every interaction.

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  • Risk and Compliance

    Manage your sales pipeline and revenue channels, win deals and drive growth.

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  • Business Continuity

    Build integration architectures across cloud and legacy business systems and connect, migrate or synchronise data, resulting in lower technology overhead, higher resilience and scalability.

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Significant uncertainty faces the financial services in Australia today, with the industry digesting the implications of the Hayne Royal Commission together with likelihood of significant political risk around the taxation of investment returns (franking, CGT, negative gearing and trust income).

- Dr. Don Hamson - Managing Director at Plato Investment Management