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How to deliver great content and keep your cool during an event campaign

Sam Akbari - July 11, 2018 - 0 comments

We work with a range of clients here in Great Minds. Spread across different regions and working in industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, packaging and research, our clients bring their own unique needs. This gives our team the opportunity to execute unique strategies with varying topics, budgets, platforms and personalities. And every time we work on a project, we become immersed in that industry.

This is particularly evident when we work on a client’s industry event. Creating a content marketing campaign for a specific event lets us dive into that industry’s world completely. In addition to seeing what our client does, we are suddenly exposed to their competitors, their governing bodies, their customers and all those others involved in producing, sponsoring, attending and promoting the event.

With big events, of course, come months of advance planning and preparation. The brief usually comes through at least six months before the event, and the path to delivering all agreed content and amplification can take many twists and turns. An event campaign is a living, breathing entity, as unpredictable as it is exciting. Schedule changes are frequent in the lead-up and can impact content planning and output.

It is therefore essential to have a solid yet flexible plan, as well as an organised team that can adjust the roadmap accordingly, depending on where and how the changes occur.

Here are our top tips for juggling plates and making sure you stay on track to achieve your campaign objectives.


1. The strategy – where all great content stories begin!

The strategy is the document you will go back to time and time again throughout the pre-event prep and execution. What is our paid media budget again? What are the key pillars? Who are the influencers? How are we distributing content natively post-event? It’s all there – don’t worry.

2. Communication is key

Without consistent communication, all the chopping and changing along the way can get lost in translation. Set up weekly calls with your wider event team and agencies as the event draws closer, and ensure that an escalation plan is firmly in place. Live tweets are treacherous terrain when speaker approval is required. If you can’t physically sit beside them at the event, have another instant-communication platform on which to manage the back and forth. Keep conversation flowing throughout – it enables everyone to do their job properly.

3. A strong social team

Social content is fast-paced, so you need a team that can deliver an engaging social calendar as well as a robust escalation and approvals process – not to mention keep their heads when things get crazy! They are the ones who capitalise on having industry bigwigs in one room endorsing your brand by amplifying key messaging and driving scale for all your efforts via event attendees and beyond.

4. Hunter-gatherers

Where possible, send a content team to the event. They can collect the necessary information, trends and stories to create content after the event. You can tell when someone is writing from experience – having a team on the ground will bring the event to life for your digital audience. On that note…

5. Content

Last – but by no means least – topical, industry-leading and engaging content is the ultimate success story for any event content marketing campaign. The content leading up to the event will engage and inform, content created during the event will update a wider audience who may not be present at the event themselves (but following online), and carefully curated post-event content will highlight the best bits and maximise the impact and longevity of your investment.

Industry events are a chance to gather people in similar roles or of similar interests in one place. They are dynamic and (hopefully) packed full of inspiration and expertise. For us – as an agency and the outsiders – they provide a unique opportunity to become immersed in the world of our clients. We become part of the team and, when the event is over, we come out the other side feeling like experts ourselves!

Get in touch to find out how content marketing can support your next event.

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